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[LIMITED EDITION] Anirollz x Molang | Pouch : Pancake

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Anirollz x Molang Cute Character Cosmetic Multi-Purpose Pouch

Anirollz has collaborated with Molang, a curious and dreamy rabbit!
Check out the whole Anirollz x Molang collaboration.

Anirollz have unusual, squishy bodies shaped like rolls. These uncont-roll-able animalz can't help but roll around everywhere they go, especially their comfort food.

Kind and affectionate MOLANG has a unique, instantly recognizable style. Molang is all about empathy, softness, tenderness and joy. MOLANG has no nationality, is ageless and gender-neutral. MOLANG cares for everyone and everything. Everybody loves MOLANG. MOLANG loves everybody.

  • Design : Pancake
  • Size : Approx. W 5.75" x L 7.6”
  • Material : Polyester
  • Hand wash recommended. Wet tissues are recommended for small stains.
  • Do not machine dry
  • Great as makeup/vanity pouch, pencil/pen/marker case

Designed by Coosy x Molang